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Iran is on the verge of literally banning domestic dogs and cats


Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, but in Iran they are about to become “public enemy №1”. Iran is likely to introduce a law criminalizing the keeping of pets and walking dogs. According to media reports, hardliners in the Iranian parliament have submitted a new bill to vote.

According to the bill, walking dogs will be punished with a large fine, and the relevant authorities will confiscate cars carrying dogs for three months.

In addition, homeowners will soon not be allowed to rent out their apartments to dog and cat owners. In Islam, keeping a dog at home is considered “unclean” and the clergy in Iran take a strong negative stance towards all pets. The police tried several times to ban the dogs, but in the end it never happened. Now the ban will soon become law. However, observers believe that even the new law will not deter dog and cat owners, just like some previous restrictions. Pet ownership has increased significantly in recent years, with more and more young Iranians adopting dogs and cats as pets, especially families with children. Accordingly, more and more veterinary clinics and pet stores have appeared for several years, especially in the capital Tehran and other major cities.