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Jeff Bezos predicts that in the next 100 years, humanity will be born in space and fly to Earth as tourists

According to Jeff Bezos, the hour is not far off when people will be born in the space colonies of the galaxy. Humanity will populate other planets and satellites and make them their home. We are talking about Mars in the first place. It is the colonization of Mars that is one of the goals of the space companies Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Blue Origin and SpaceX must ensure the emergence of the first humans on a distant planet, now explored only by robots from the United States and China.

In Bezos’s thoughts, entire cities capable of accommodating up to a million inhabitants, with their own forests, rivers, and simulated gravity for greater comfort. The key to the population of Mars, as you know, is terraforming, that is, creating a suitable surface that can produce gases for human respiration and plant growth. This problem has not been resolved at this time. Dozens of options have been proposed, including nuclear explosions, that would contribute to the melting of glaciers and the formation of the atmosphere.

“It’s like trying to build a city in the middle of the ocean,” says Elon Musk, the main competitor of Bezos in space.

On the other hand, this couple has concentrated incredible earthly wealth under their control – who, if not them, is planning interplanetary investments. Now humanity only imitates Martian technologies on Earth and excitedly watches pictures like “The Martian” by Ridley Scott, alas, we are still far from Mars. However, perhaps only “for now.”


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