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Patriarch Kirill calls cohabitation of people of the same sex a special sin

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The Orthodox Church will never recognize the cohabitation of people of the same sex as a marriage; for it, such coexistence of people will always be a special sin. This was stated by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill in an interview with the Russia 1 TV channel.

He opposed the idea of ​​equalizing same-sex relations with traditional ones and noted that because of it, the position of the church in Western countries, recognizing such unions at the legislative level, became vulnerable. “Here’s a simple thing: the Orthodox Church does not agree and will never agree with the newfangled idea of ​​marriage,” he stated.

At the same time, Kirill called Russia not just a free country, but a real “leader of the free world.” “This is a real fact. I can imagine what will be the reaction from different sides to these words of mine, but I can prove it, ”he suggested.

As the main proof, the patriarch cited the assertion that Russia is free from outside influences and chooses its own path. In the opinion of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, there are no sharp contradictions in the country.

Earlier, Vladimir Legoyda, chairman of the Synodal Department for Church Relations with Society and the Media of the Moscow Patriarchate, said that the Russian Orthodox Church will continue to consider abortion to be murder, unless it is done for medical reasons. “When we understand that the fetus will not survive by 200 percent,” said the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church. According to him, for the church an abortion, which means that it is an unacceptable procedure, is even considered taking drugs to terminate a pregnancy at an early stage.

At the end of October, Roskomnadzor issued a warning to Muz-TV: the channel was suspected of promoting non-traditional sexual relations among minors. The reason was not broadcasts of gay orgies or hypnosis sessions, in which they tried to draw viewers into the LGBT community, but the broadcast on June 4. Then, at the channel’s award ceremony, several artists at once, including the singer Philip Kirkorov and the tiktoker Danya Milokhin, appeared on the red carpet in outrageous looks. After that, Russia was swept by a wave of complaints about gay propaganda, which may end in real deeds.


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