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“Football must be a UNESCO World Heritage for the 2022 FIFA World Cup”

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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 5, 2021 – The President of UNESCO, H.E. Altay Cengizer and Princess Rani Vanouska Modely want football to be part of UNESCO’s World heritage “so that all people of the planet can come together.”But what is she fighting for?

Because it is universal, beyond languages, cultures and religions. Because it sings all the anthems of the world. Because it is a link between nations and the world inhabitants. Because it is for women a further step towards emancipation. Because it awakens our national pride. Football belongs to everyone.

In the light of the FIFA World Cup 2022, Princess Rani Vanouska T. Modely is campaigning for the world’s most watched television spectacle, along with the Olympic Games, to be included in UNESCO‘s cultural heritage. Who can be against it?

Rani Vanouska launched this project with Forbes magazine and several personalities such as Arsène Wenger, Antoine Griezmann, Georges Weah and many others. In partnership with Football World Heritage, Forbes magazine publishes the TOP 100 Football World Leaders representing the most influential personalities of the football world who can contribute to this global goal.

Football is more than a sport, it is the spur of public opinion and the bearer of the primary values of equality, sharing and pride. It unites us in the love of the game, it brings out the spirit of victory that whispers in all of us. It offers the world to forget the barriers of withdrawal, to open the doors of tolerance and the windows of respect. Because it takes us to the edge of our dreams, to the edge of ourselves, it is the first sport for millions of young people and their first fraternity. It accompanies them on their life’s journey, it is their universal language and one of their first meeting points, where their first reference points of valour and endurance, sportsmanship and team spirit, commitment and temperament await them.

Football is not just a sport. It is the link between heads of state, global institutions, FIFA federations, emblematic personalities of the sporting world and beyond. It is the intersection of politics, economics and culture. The President of UNESCO himself is accompanying this project by presenting it to Member States with the aim of establishing an active and lasting relationship between world football and UNESCO. “I believe that football has intrinsic World Heritage status. After all, nothing else seems to match its obvious appeal and magnetism,” said H.E Ambassador Altay Cengizer, President of UNESCO’s General Conference. As such, football has the power to inspire young people around the world and promote positive values. I strongly encourage the efforts of your organization and your commitment to this important project. Football is much more than what it seems. And I assure you of my support and commitment. “

The current economic systems, shaken by economic crises, ecological crises, humanitarian crises and health crises, must reinvent themselves. To this end, the bid encourages the states to adopt Several football institutions have already expressed their support for Princess Rani Vanouska Modely and her candidacy.

FIFA – (Fédération Internationale de Football) concludes: “We are aware of the enormous power of the world’s most popular sport, of its capacity to act as a vehicle for universal values.”

“4.5 Billion people on earth are concerned. Is it a more shared, more symbolic, more attractive cause? It has its place in the many combats of the United Nations. (Education, social inclusion, equality, environment and development of the United Nations programmes in the service of PEACE. ” Concludes Rani Vanouska.

Well known publicist, Jacques Séguéla, confirmed his support. He is a member of the World Football Heritage Committee alongside Arsène Wenger and many other personalities.

Under the umbrella of the President of UNESCO and with the support of member states, Football World Heritage is a non-profit organisation registered under British law. The aim of this international organisation is to bring states together to create an international community that brings together the unifying and universal forces for the inscription of football as an intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO. Football World Heritage will accelerate its global campaign, with the support of experts and ambassadors of the candidacy, and seek to unite all 193 member states in a historic candidacy.

Football is stronger together

Together with modern-day heroes such as Messi, Beckham, Kylian Mbappé, Antoine Griezmann, Arsène Wenger, Cristiano Ronaldo, FIFA, the African Union and all football lovers from all nations of the world, Rani Vanouska wants to make this bid a symbol of humanism so that thoughts and actions become one – “Stronger together” by signing the Football World Heritage pledge.

If the application is successful, validated by 24 UNESCO member states of the UNESCO Intangible Heritage Committee, football will join sports such as yoga, cross-country surfing, Gostra, mountaineering, Caba Toss and Sumo, which are already included in UNESCO’s World intangible Heritage list.

“Football can change the world,” said Nelson Mandela.

It is time for UNESCO to keep its promise.

For more information on Princess Rani Vanouska Modely, and the World Football Heritage movement, visit https://www.footballworldheritage.org /.

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