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“Tiffany” from the Paleolithic. Archaeologists find world’s oldest jewelry in Morocco

Morocco is a country located in the northwestern part of Africa, a former French colony. The capital is Rabat. Famous and one of the largest cities in the country are Casablanca and Marrakech.

According to scientists, perforated seashells have been used as decoration for about 150 thousand years.

Archaeologists have unveiled seashells found in Bizmoon Cave near the Moroccan port city of Essaouira, which they believe are the oldest known jewelry. These shells were worn by ancient people in the form of necklaces and bracelets from about 142 to 150 thousand years ago, according to the Daily Sabah.

According to archaeologist Abdeljalil Buzuggar, this discovery is important for the history of mankind. The scientist says that these are symbolic objects, and symbols can only be conveyed using language, which means that the owner of these jewelry knew the language.

“Perhaps then there was a language that people used to communicate with each other or with representatives of other groups of people,” says Buzuggar.

According to the archaeologist, similar jewelry was found in the Middle East and Africa, and their age ranges from 35 to 135 thousand years.

“People were looking for the same type of seashells, it looks like they were sharing something, maybe it was a language. These jewelry traveled long distances,” says Buzuggar.

The scientist recalled that the remains of five representatives of Homo sapiens were found in Morocco several years ago, who died about 315 thousand years ago.

Scientists from the USA and France helped Moroccan archaeologists in their search, and this is the second important discovery in 2 months that they made in Morocco. In September, bone tools for making clothes were discovered here, which are 120 thousand years old, and they are considered the oldest ever found.

Photo: Daily Sabah | Abdeljalil Buzuggar shows the found artifacts.


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