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Monthly Archives: December, 2021

Science Made Simple: What Are Neutron Stars?

Neutron Star Animations 373x210 - Date Template – Pulses PRO

A giant star faces several possible fates when it dies in a supernova. That star can either be completely destroyed, become a black hole, or...

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Jose Eshkenazi Smeke: Women’s sports leagues are growing and a great advertising investment opportunity.

… integration of women into a sport for the rest of the …

‘Swachhta ke Rang’: Chandigarh Adviser launches colouring book for school kids

… clean through a novel colouring book ‘Swachhata Ke Rang.’ In … Corporation has released a colouring book on cleanliness. Dharam Pal, … While elaborating about the coloring book, the Adviser said that … mission a success and colouring books are efforts to engage …

UN data helps balance New Year’s weight loss resolutions

At the heart of many New Year’s resolutions is a fresh gym membership and an intensive exercise regime that promises to deliver quick results. But that is not necessarily the most efficient way for everyone to lose weight, according to a new study by the UN’s atomic energy watchdog.

Review of ‘First Cow’ for lovers of the marginal western and against the tide

In the Spanish magazine FOTOGRAMAS, Sergy Sanchez published his review for the movie "First Cow", which the magazine has now categorized as the number...

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