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Bulgarian Ministry of Health and the Council of Religious Communities’ vaccination campaign

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They will work to raise public awareness of the benefits of vaccination against COVID-19

The Ministry of Health and the National Council of Religious Communities in Bulgaria are working together to raise public awareness of the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination among the population, as well as the need to continue strict compliance with anti-epidemic measures to limit the spread of the virus in Bulgaria. . This was agreed during a meeting between the Minister of Health Prof. Asena Serbezova, the President of the National Council of Religious Communities in Bulgaria Robert Jerassi, the Secretary of the Episcopal Conferences of the Catholic Church Father Petko Valov, the Secretary of the United Evangelical Churches Greta Ganeva and the expert External Relations ”of the Chief Mufti Hari Emin.

All those present expressed their readiness to help implement the initiative by disseminating reliable and accessible information through information channels and social networks used by the respective communities. Religious representatives are of the opinion that at this stage of the pandemic and in view of public attitudes, efforts to restore confidence in scientific advances in medicine and vaccines are key. “No religion has doctrinal prohibitions against vaccination. We have always called for compliance with measures such as distance, disinfection, wearing a protective face mask and vaccination. In view of the forthcoming bright holidays, let us call the laity to humility and kindness, to reason and love of neighbor, “said Robert Jerassi.

The participants in the meeting pledged to actively cooperate with the Ministry in providing reliable information to the community so that every citizen can make informed choices about vaccination.

Prof. Serbezova was adamant that spiritual and secular authority should go hand in hand in the name of the common good. This is especially important in a global pandemic, where every person and every family and every life is at risk of coronavirus infection. “I really want the citizens to reach the right messages, to explain to everyone the risks of contracting the virus and the benefits of the vaccine. We will seek trust and not rely on dealing with people’s fears. “I would be grateful if you would address the religious communities, appealing to the faith in science and the observance of anti-epidemic measures, especially during the upcoming holidays,” said the Minister of Health. According to her, the statistics clearly show that over 80% of the patients admitted to medical institutions with COVID-19 are unvaccinated, and the number of hospitalized unvaccinated in the intensive care unit exceeds 90%.

The meeting was also attended by Dr. Gergana Nikolova, Member of the Board of the Bulgarian Medical Union. For her part, she undertook to hold a meeting between the National Council of Religious Communities and the professional organization of doctors in Bulgaria as soon as possible.

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