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Future of Europe: Panel recommendations on European democracy and values

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On 10-12 December, the European Citizens’ Panel on “European democracy / Values and rights, rule of law, security” will meet for the third and final time.

The session will take place at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence (Italy), with some 200 panellists from all Member States, different ages and backgrounds deciding on their recommendations for the future of Europe. Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, the Executive Board of the Conference on the Future of Europe decided to hold the Panel 2 session in in full respect of the health measures in place in Florence, Italy, with hybrid facilities to connect remotely as well, to allow all panellists to take part. The panellists will build on their previous work from two sessions, held in Strasbourg on 24-26 September and online on 12-14 November, and focused on the following streams: ensuring rights and non-discrimination; protecting democracy and the rule of law; reforming the EU; building European identity; and strengthening citizen participation.

You can find all relevant information, including the latest report on the Panel’s work, on the dedicated Panel 2 webpage. The draft agenda is available here.

Changes to the Conference calendar

The Board also decided to postpone the Conference Plenary session of 17-18 December, in which the first two Panels were supposed to present their recommendations. Following the postponement of the meeting scheduled to take place in Dublin on 3-5 December due to the current COVID-19 restrictions in Ireland, Panel 1 would not have been able to finalise its recommendations. Nevertheless, the Plenary’s working groups will convene in December in a remote format, to ensure that the Conference continues working.

How to follow the Panel session

The meetings of the Panels comprising all 200 panellists will be webstreamed on Parliament’s Multimedia Centre (Friday and Sunday) and on the Conference’s Multilingual Digital Platform.

Journalists who wish to attend in person have to register using the following link: https://register.futureu.events/200229539?categoryid=201797379&t=bfdb610225b9b70c2dc9f3a03a297115.

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