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Lefay Resorts & Residences Carbon Offset Projects Help Communities Worldwide

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lefay resort spa dolomiti 3 - Lefay Resorts & Residences Carbon Offset Projects Help Communities Worldwide
Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti

Lefay Resorts & Residences continues to support projects related to CO2 emissions both internationally and within local communities.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Green Globe members Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda and Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti in Italy are bringing hydroelectric power and potable water to communities in Africa, Turkey and Madagascar through their support of several carbon offset programs.Baspa Hydroelectric Project – India
After calculating the emissions of CO2 at the properties, Lefay Resorts took steps to off-set them by purchasing CERs credits recognised by the UN, in compliance with the provisions of the Kyoto protocol. To compensate for emissions calculated in 2020, Lefay Resorts chose to continue its financial support of four international projects related to CO2 emissions and to the promotion of social and economic development in local communities. The first project “Baspa Hydroelectric” includes the construction of a hydroelectric power plant to provide renewable energy to local communities in Kuppa, India.

The project will produce environmental benefits by reducing emissions and contributing to the conservation of nature reserves and climate change mitigation thereby reducing dependence on fossil fuels. The main economic-social benefit will be the generation of employment during both the construction and operational phases.

Wind Farms – Turkey
The second (“Süleoglu Wind Power Plant “) and third (“Balabanli Wind Power Plant”) projects involve the construction of two wind farms, the first in Asian Turkey and the second in European Turkey. The projects aim to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants from the extraction, processing, transportation and combustion of fossil fuels for the generation of electricity. The projects will also provide many social and economic benefits in the areas around the project sites. In fact, structural work will be carried out to ensure and improve rural development and new job opportunities will be created during the construction and operation of the wind farms.

Water is Life Project – Madagascar
The fourth project “Water is Life” proposes the construction of a network of 50 wells in Tulear, Madagascar. In this area, 80% of the population has no direct access to drinking water and are forced to make long daily trips to reach water sources. In addition, it is necessary to boil the water using wood or coal to make it drinkable. This generates substantial greenhouse gas emissions and the deforestation of ever larger areas. The project aims to provide drinking water for domestic use, reducing CO2 emissions, improving hygiene and health conditions and, generally, the quality of life of local people.

GoGreen Initiative for Logistic Services
The Lefay Group also supports other carbon offset initiatives connected to the resorts’ operations. In 2020, Lefay Resorts chose to participate in DHL’s GoGreen initiative, which allowed them to offset (through certified compensation) the CO2 generated by the logistic services. GoGreen is the carbon-neutral shipping option for customers of DHL where all transport-related emissions of carbon dioxide are first calculated and then offset through external climate protection projects.

Rete Clima Program
The resorts participate in the CO2 Emission Zero program promoted by Rete Clima and allowed LeFay Resorts to offset the emissions generated by their websites according to the traffic and page views. Rete Clima is non-profit organisation that helps companies engage in the circular economy, combating climate change through carbon footprint calculations, reduction and offset of CO2.

About Green Globe Certification
Green Globe is the worldwide sustainability system based on internationally accepted criteria for sustainable operation and management of travel and tourism businesses. Operating under a worldwide license, Green Globe is based in California, USA and is represented in over 83 countries. Green Globe is an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). For information, please visit www.greenglobe.com


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