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Not everyone has the chance to celebrate Christmas with their family

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Scientology Volunteer Ministers, a movement inspired in the intentions and works of L. Ron Hubbard, visited an orphanage in Budapest to donate food for their children’s Christmas dinners. The home director approached the Volunteer Ministers before the holidays to ask for their support for the children, as he had done on a previous occasion.

The orphanage is home to troubled teenagers who have not been placed in foster care, making Christmas a difficult time for them. However, the home head thought that the residents deserved to have a good Christmas, even if they didn’t have a family. So the volunteer ministers donated all the ingredients to the home before the holidays to support this initiative. In addition to the ingredients for stuffed cabbage, they also brought bejgli, soft drinks, sweets, and presents for the children as a surprise.

The donations allowed them to celebrate with a hearty dinner. Even though these children do not yet have the opportunity to celebrate with their families, they felt being important to someone at Christmas.

“Everyone deserves the chance to enjoy the true tradition of Christmas” said the representative of the Hungarian Scientologists, “so we will continue and increase this tradition every year to come”.

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