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Airbus has created a version of helicopters for vegans

Airbus’ helicopter division Airbus Corporate Helicopters has created the first version of the aircraft for vegans.

People who adhere to this lifestyle refuse to consume animal products for food, clothing, and in other areas of life.

The vegan version of the AHC145 helicopter, which can carry six passengers, was ordered by German construction businessman Urs Brunnen. The wife of a businessman insisted on this version of the aircraft.

She is a co-owner of the fashion house Giulia & Romeo, which does not use animal materials for its clothes and donates the profits to the care of animals.

In order for the aircraft to gain vegan status, animal leather in the trim of the seats, the box for things in the cabin and the rear bulkhead, as well as some elements in the cockpit, were replaced with an artificial substitute for Ultraleather.

Preparing the cabin using this material has become a real challenge for employees, said Frederic Lemos, head of Airbus Corporate Helicopters.

According to him, the selected material is certified in aviation and is wear-resistant, but it can only be stretched once, which meant it was difficult to place it in the cabin, especially on the seats.

Photo: Helicopter ACH145 / Airbus Corporate Helicopters


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