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In the royal family babies follow protocol also

What are the rules for the little ones with blue blood

The rules and obligations are inextricably linked to the royal family. However, they have been with them since they were young. Here are the rules for royal babies.

Presentation shortly after their birth

People only see royal babies hours after they are born. The mother must have recovered and look as good as possible for the performance.

No baby party

Although there is no direct rule prohibiting baby parties, they are still considered an “American invention.” Despite the growing popularity of this tradition in Britain, the British royal family does not organize such celebrations.

The baby’s gender is kept secret

Usually the sex of the baby and the estimated date on which it will be born are kept secret. Only the mother’s condition is communicated to the public.

Limited choice of names

It is common in the British royal family to choose names for newborns based on their own family tree without being too creative. However, if a child is quite far in the lineage, parents have more freedom.

The royal babies are wrapped in special blankets

When it comes to royal babies, even the smallest details are important. For example, the woolen blankets in which children are wrapped during their performances are specially manufactured by an English company that has existed for more than 100 years.

Many godparents

The rules are clear – godparents cannot be from a close family and there must be many. While most people have only 2 godparents, Prince George has 7, Princess Charlotte – 5, and Prince Louis – 6. It is assumed that due to the complexity of their lives, royal children need extra guidance.

The royal family is full of talent, from avid athletes to best-selling authors. We can’t help but wonder if the royal children will follow in their parents’ footsteps. Here are the talents and hobbies of the royal heirs.

Princess Charlotte

The 6-year-old princess is passionate about sports. At just 17 months old, she rides a horse for the first time, and riding has become her favorite pastime. In addition, Charlotte trains gymnastics, and the little princess turns out to be extremely good in balance and coordination.

Prince George

The prince is also an avid athlete and besides riding, he also trains in tennis. George has partnered on the court with his favorite tennis player Roger Federer. Apart from sports, the prince is interested in music and is already learning to play the guitar.

Prince Louis

Prince Louis is not the most athletic in nature, but he loves to ride a bike. Unlike his brother and sister, he is extremely good with brushes and painting is his favorite hobby.

Princess Katherine-Amalia

As the future queen of the Netherlands, Katarina-Amalia has many sports and artistic hobbies. The princess plays the piano and sings. In addition to horseback riding, typical of every member of the royal family, Katarina-Amalia also trains hockey.

Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia

The daughters of King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain are passionate about skiing. Often the whole family can be spotted on the ski slope.


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