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EventsJapanese princess sacrificed the title and married a boy of not royal...

Japanese princess sacrificed the title and married a boy of not royal blood

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Mako is now an ordinary citizen and loses the “dowry” of 1.3 million dollars.

What does love not do – and the imperial title falls victim at her feet.

The proof was given by the Japanese princess Mako, who married end of last year her chosen one Kay Komuro, a boy from the people without noble origin.

Thus, she will lose her title and become an ordinary citizen. The princess has given up the traditional glamorous rituals and the due one-time payment of over 1.3 million dollars, world agencies reported.

“The marriage documents were presented and accepted,” a spokesman for the Imperial Family Agency told AFP.

Japanese television showed footage of Princess Mako leaving the Akasaka imperial residence in the capital, Tokyo, saying goodbye to her family, bowing to her parents and kissing her younger sister.

Yesterday, the princess visited her grandparents, the abdicated Emperor Akihito, and his wife, Michiko, to say goodbye to them. Mako is the niece of the current Emperor Naruhito, and is the daughter of his younger brother, Prince Fumihito.

The newlyweds are 30 years old. They studied together at university.

The two will live in New York, where Komuro already works in a law firm. It is not yet known if Mako will work, but she has a good education – she studied art and cultural heritage.

The departure of the imperial family and the relocation to the United States caused inevitable comparisons with another couple – British Prince Harry and his American wife Megan Markle, notes AFP.

When Princess Mako and Kay Komuro announced their engagement four years ago, the news was initially met with approval in Japan, Reuters recalls. However, things changed when tabloids revealed a financial scandal involving the groom’s mother. Komuro then left for New York to study law and returned to Japan only last month.

Marriage has nothing to do with the order of succession to the imperial throne. In Japan, the throne is passed only through the male line.

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