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The first Roma television in Bulgaria is launched today

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On the day when we celebrate the Roma New Year – Bango Vasil, the first Roma television in our country started in the town of Teteven.

St. Basil’s Day or Bango Vasil is celebrated by all Roma in Bulgaria. The holiday is known as the “Roma New Year”. The festivities start on January 13 and last for three days.

“Our news will be from 6 pm. We will collect stories all day and tell them in the evening,” said Biser Petkov, manager of Pronet.media. In addition to news programs, the media program will include an author’s and folklore program.

“The main audience will be the Roma community, and the mission – society will be able to understand that there are educated Roma, contrary to popular belief,”

Kiril Petkov

The Prime Minister of Bulgaria Kiril Petkov congratulated the Roma on the holiday of St. Basil’s Day (14th of January) and wished them health, prosperity and success health, prosperity and success to all.

“Let us work together, as over the centuries, together for the prosperity of Bulgaria,” he wrote on Facebook.

“We have stated that we will work for change. In order to achieve this change, it is important that all Bulgarian citizens, including the Roma community, support us and give their best. I take this opportunity to say that we will work in interest of all, regardless of their ethnicity and religion, “the prime minister wrote.


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