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Woman buried her husband alive for immortality

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A resident of India buried her husband alive so that he would “gain immortality.” The incident took place in a suburb of Chennai, according to Times Now.

The disappearance of the 59-year-old father was discovered by her daughter, while the mother did not explain anything to the girl, and only after a few days of constant questioning she admitted that her father asked to be buried in order to become immortal.

According to the woman, before coming to such a decision, the husband visited several temples and began to call himself a priest who communicates directly with God.

He also built a small temple in the backyard of the house and transmitted the prophecies there to the congregation.

On the eve of the burial, the man felt pain in his chest. Then he told his wife about the imminent death and asked to bury him alive in order to live forever.

When the man lost consciousness, his wife called two workers and asked them to dig a large hole, supposedly for a water tank. She buried her husband in it. As a result, the police dug up the body and sent it to an autopsy.

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