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The girl who sang in a bomb shelter opens a concert in Poland

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The little girl who moved millions of people in early March, singing “Let It Go” in a basement in Kiev. Amelia Anisovych opened a charity concert in Poland on Sunday 20 March.

Alongside Polish artists Daria Zawiałow, Dagadana and Marcin Wyrostek in front of a silent stadium of 14,000 people, 7-year-old Amelia Anisovych opened the concert “Together With Ukraine” and performed the Ukrainian national anthem. Dressed in the traditional Ukrainian costume, the little girl took the microphone, the audience lighting the room with their cell phones.

After six days in a bomb shelter in Kiev, Amelia is now safe in Poland with her older brother and grandmother. Her parents stayed in Kiev “to defend their city,” the grandmother worriedly explained in an interview on Polish television.

The fundraising event was held at Atlas Arena in Łódź which raised about 828 000 dollars to support Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH). The organization provides aid to victims of the conflict in Ukraine.
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