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A historian advocated the demolition of Lenin monuments throughout Russia

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Historian, journalist, member of the Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights, Professor Nikolai Svanidze spoke in favor of the demolition of monuments to Lenin throughout the country just before the war started, reports the URA.RU portal.

“I am for the demolition of monuments to Lenin. The whole country is in his statues. And I think a boy with his mother will come. He will say: “Mom, who is this uncle?” And what will mom say to him? What are the merits of this uncle? His remains are in the Mausoleum. I would not answer. What he did? Ruined the country? He killed a huge number of people, ”Svanidze said. He called the demolition of the monuments inevitable, but could not predict when this will happen.

The professor stressed that so far the Russian authorities are not going to take this step. In his opinion, the government is confident that there is no need to bother people who consider Lenin an important figure and are simply used to monuments. “Therefore, we are not solving this issue now. When Stalin was taken out of the Mausoleum, nothing happened. Although then he was incomparably more popular than Lenin is now. Nevertheless, the authorities will not agree to this now, ”he summed up.

In August, a new monument to Lenin was erected in Smolensk. We are talking about a bronze monument created in 1965, the author of which is the artist of the USSR Navy Alexei Izmalkov. The sculptor depicted the leader of the proletariat in full growth, surrounded by delegates from the East. For many decades, the work was kept in storerooms.

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