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Archaeologists with an incredible find in Nessebar churches

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Nessebar, Bulgaria 24 Apr. 2022. Author: BLITZ

Modern photographic computer technology is applied in Bulgaria at a limited number of sites

Almost 360 drawings of ships on the walls of four churches in Nessebar have been taken for more than 4 years. In addition to vessels, the drawings have names in Greek and animal motifs, bTV reports.

“This is a modern photographic computer technology, which we have been applying in Bulgaria for 10 years to a limited number of archeological sites. The main thing for her is the use of light so that the composition can be seen in detail “, explains Naiden Prahov.

“Professor Alexander Gabov was the first to apply this technology in documenting epigraphic monuments in Bulgaria,” said the marine archaeologist, who lives in Canada and created this technology for documenting epigraphic monuments.

These paintings are found in four of the churches in Nessebar, and in some places they literally cover entire walls.

Marine archaeologist Zdravka Georgieva explains that the paintings date from the 14th century, others from the 19th century, but there are also ships from the 18th century.

“These are drawings through which the man who made them wanted to beg for prosperity for the sailors, for the captain,” said the archaeologist.

Photo: BTV

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