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Bulgaria, April 16th: Constitution and Lawyers Day – National Assembly holds Open House today

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Today the National Assembly of Bulgaria holds an “Open House” on the occasion of April 16 – Day of the Bulgarian Constitution and the celebration of 143 years since the adoption of the first Bulgarian Basic Law, as well as the celebration of the legal profession.

Visitors will be able to see the building from 10 am.

The originals of the Tarnovo Constitution and the Silver Constitution are being exhibited, as well as liturgical items of the Chairman of the Constituent Assembly Exarch Antim the First.

The Speaker of the National Assembly Nikola Minchev welcomed the first visitors to the official entrance.

On the occasion of the Constitution Day, President Rumen Radev stated in a special address that today’s Constitution regulates a stable institutional framework of representative democracy, and protects equality and fundamental rights of citizens.

Radev wishes all Bulgarian lawyers determination in defending the basic constitutional principles.

On the private sector, the Chairman of the Notary Chamber of the Republic of Bulgaria, Dr. Krassimir Katrandzhiev, issued a statement that reads as follows:

Dear colleagues,

On April 16 we celebrate the Day of the Bulgarian Constitution and the lawyer. The Basic Law of the Republic of Bulgaria is a symbol of the rule of law, a pillar and defender of the fundamental rights and freedoms of every Bulgarian citizen.

As Bulgarians and lawyers, we pay a well-deserved tribute to the great Revival minds, participants in the Constituent Assembly, held in Veliko Tarnovo in the distant 1879, which give life to the Bulgarian Constitution. The Basic Law of the Principality of Bulgaria marks the beginning of the parliamentary existence of our liberated homeland and becomes a prerequisite for the subsequent social, economic and cultural rise of a young European country with a centuries-old history.

For 136 years now, the Republic of Bulgaria has been proud of its Constitution, which reflects the spirit of its time, but at the same time is distinguished by its democracy and progress. The Bulgarian Constitution is the embodiment of a sovereign, independent and democratic Bulgaria.

The Notary Chamber of the Republic of Bulgaria expresses its warmest congratulations on the occasion of the Day of the Bulgarian Constitution and the lawyer, wishing you – the Bulgarian notaries, good health, reaching professional and personal heights, satisfaction and pride in our cause and aspiration to preserve of the rights and legitimate interests of the society, affirmation of our positions as a significant and highly authoritative guild, which monitors the protection of morals and the law in the service of Bulgarian citizens and civil turnover!

Chairman of the Council of Notaries

Krassimir Katrandzhiev

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