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Disruptors: Women challenging the status quo in pursuit of positive societal impact

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Violet Simon has launched the first series of their magbook titled ‘Disruptors’. The series touches on issues related to feminism, mental health, tackling domestic abuse and violence against women, sustainability, disability and wellness, and shares the stories of women who have disrupted the status quo to make a positive difference in these areas.

This first series features over 35 women such as Minna Salami, Dr Nicola Sharpe-Jeff OBE, Agnes Mwakatuma, Misha Haycock, Lucy Rout, Jamie Klingler, Jamelia Donaldson, Mathilda Mallinson, Helena Wadia, Samata Pattinson, Rahel Tesfai, Renee Davis, Chidinma Nnoli Natasha Eeles, Loyce Witherspoon, Rachael Mole, Mya Pol, Katie Russell, Hailey Hechtman, Mireille Harper, Chanju Mwanza, Chloe Pierre and a host of other women.

In 262 pages, they share their experiences, speak on the impact of their work, and discuss ideas, opportunities and resources for women.

The series is available in digital and print copies on their website.

A virtual event themed ‘Mechanics of Disruption: What It Takes To Be a Disruptor In Today’s World’ is scheduled to take place on 6th July 2022 at 6pm. The event will feature a panel discussion and a networking session. The panel will include Dr Nicola Sharp-Jeffs OBE and Agnes Mwakatuma.

About Violet Simon

Violet Simon (www.violetsimon.co.uk) is a Media-Tech company that uses authentic storytelling to amplify the voices of women from all walks of life.

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