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Moroccan Jews in Belgium celebrate Mimouna

Mimouna is a joyful symbol of coexistence between Jews and Muslims in Morocco

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Mimouna is a festival that marks the end of the Jewish Passover in Morocco. Although specific to Moroccan Jews, it is so joyful and convivial that it has been adopted by everyone in Israel.

Mimouna 1024x1024 - Moroccan Jews in Belgium celebrate Mimouna

Maurice Tal, the organiser and coordinator of this annual event, left Morocco at the age of nine and headed for Israel, where he remained attached to his Jewish-Moroccan roots. Today in Brussels, he continues to preserve this heritage which is close to his heart….Maurice Tal always keeps the links with his native country and never misses the opportunity to show his Jewish-Moroccan identity within the Brussels society, especially during the Mimouna festival of which he is the organiser, a joyful symbol of the coexistence between Jews and Muslims in Morocco.

This year and for the first time, the Mimouna is organised on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, a very important moment to share an iftar (breaking of the fast) of peace, love and to call for more respect and tolerance between human beings in the world.

Place: La Rotonde Hall
96 rue du Doyenné
1180 Brussels
Time: 20:00
Date: 24/04/2022

Registration and confirmation to Maurice Tal via WhatsApp on the following number🇲🇦🇮🇱: +32475271311

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