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Thoughts change the universe

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Incredible, but true: thoughts change the universe. The world is suffering because of our evil thoughts. God saw in the antediluvian people that “all the thoughts and thoughts of their hearts were evil at all times” (Genesis 6: 5) – and brought a flood to the earth. The world was perishing from an angry element – the downpours lashed, the waves mercilessly swept away everything on their way – and only because “the thought of the human heart is evil from his youth” (Genesis 8: 21).

God also saw the heartfelt thoughts of the proud builders: “Let’s make a name for ourselves” (Gen. 11: 4) – and mixed their language in Babylon – a sociocultural catastrophe took place. What were the thoughts of the Sodomites busy with? It’s a shame to write, and it’s disgusting to imagine – even those punished by the Angels with blindness, they groped to find the entrance to Lot’s house, and Lot himself was told: “Come here” (Genesis 19: 9-11) – passion is in the head all their thoughts, and the cataclysm that happened then is known to everyone. No grass, no fish, no birds – the flora and fauna of the Dead Sea are not pleasing to the eye. The stars will go out, the sky will twist like a scroll, the sun will turn into darkness and the moon – into blood due to the fact that the thoughts of people are both Babylon and Sodom, and the proud depravity of the antediluvian world.

So thoughts are too essential. For it is said about a person: “As the thoughts are in his soul, such is he also” (Proverbs 23: 7). Our essence is determined by our thoughts. Let no one think that in thoughts one can do this and that, but the main thing is to do well. It will not work if there is nothing good in the thoughts. “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways” (James 1: 8). Do not shake hands with the weak, do not let someone else pass ahead (in the same traffic jam on the road), do not say a warm word even to the most beloved ones – wife, children, parents – because there is no good in thoughts.


It turns out that thoughts are changing? Yes, and not only the Universe. Thoughts change everything. Here was the “overshadowing cherub” (Ezek. 28: 16) – “the seal of perfection, the fullness of wisdom and the crown of beauty” (Ezek. 28: 11). But he just thought: “I am better than everyone else” – and “you fell from heaven, day girl, son of the dawn” (Isa. 14: 12). Slipped on my own pride! “Thy heart was lifted up because of thy beauty; Thou hast ruined thy wisdom because of thy vanity” (Ezek. 28: 17). “I” became the center of the universe – and evil invaded the pure God-created world.


God created the world with His thought. This is what the holy fathers teach us. “He creates thoughts, and this thought, supplemented by the Word and completed by the Spirit, becomes a deed” (St. John of Damascus). The thought of God is unspeakably beautiful, unspeakably wise, inexpressibly blessed. And therefore the universe in its breathtaking beauty, in its infinite wisdom reflects God’s plan, God’s logo, God’s thought.

Man-creation is in the image of the One who created. A person’s thought creates a person’s life as it will be. Man – a reflection of God – is called to beautify the world. And above all, decorate with your pure, kind, beautiful thought. Do we really think that the main thing is decors, designs, outfits and other labels of outer life, and even inside of us, even a complete disgrace?


Deeds are the embodiment of thought. As a river begins from the source, and a tree – from the root, so does a person’s work – from his thought

The thoughts of some are like a wonderful symphony. The thoughts of others are like the grinding of iron on glass or like wild blows with a stick along the edges of a rusty barrel. Such thoughts burst forth in dissonance in a disorderly word and a disorderly deed. For deeds are the embodiment of thought. As a river begins from the source, and a tree begins from the root, so the work of a person begins with his thought.

The Holy Fathers say that Angels are quick as thought. But our thoughts can become like Angels – when they become messengers of Purity, Light, Love. When they carry evil in themselves, they become like a fallen angel.

For some, the mind is the devil’s chariot. He famously rules the behavior of a person, turning his thoughts like reins. The evil rider, riding the soul, directs it to the cliff or to the swampy and viscous places, where death is cheekily tyrannizing. In others, said the Monk Macarius the Great, the mind is the throne of the Divine. Such a mind contemplates the Heavenly secrets, and it also sees the secrets of the earthly path. He will help those who are stuck in swampy places to get out. For a pure mind sees the way, but a darkened mind does not see its own trouble.

The thoughts of some are like the pure reflections of an Angel, the thoughts of others are the ominous reflections of a demon. But more often in one and the same person strange changes take place: either the heavenly light shines, then the gap of gloomy darkness gapes. And therefore we live in an incessant struggle.


Let no one say that no one sees our thoughts: they say, it doesn’t matter what’s on your mind. The other does not see your thoughts, but he will see what your thoughts have led you to. Dirty thoughts spoil both your life and your face. A face twisted with anger is the fruit of bad thoughts. Green with envy, black with hatred, pale with cowardice, fear, despondency. Prodigal, bad wishes – and they will leave a seal. Do not even think that your thoughts will not appear on you in any way.

The other does not see your thoughts, but he will see what your thoughts have led you to

Clean springs, even if no one knows about them, will water the forests. Without them, the life of our nature will dry up, dry up. Likewise, pure thoughts, even if they are not known to others, are the springs of our life. A head full of evil thoughts is like a nuclear reactor, emitting deadly radiation. Even if such a reactor is hidden somewhere in the desert, it will still harm someone. Sooner or later, its radiation will affect someone. And now imagine that people walk around like nuclear reactors – seething with anger, indignation. From time to time someone will break through, and then an explosion happens – in the form of a terrible crime, what has accumulated inside spills out.

The stages of the spread of evil on earth are as follows. First, a person is gnawed by his own sinful passions. They boil inside, we recognize them by their sensations, feelings, thoughts – evil, nasty, languid. They are haunted. As if bitten by wild wasps, the person finally gives up and begins, in turn, as if mad, to bite, gnaw those who are nearby. Poisoned by evil thoughts, it poisons the lives of those closest to you. If they surrender, they will be infected with the same malice. Yet together they turn into the bubbling mouth of a volcano. And how can cataclysms, wars, and chilling crimes not occur after this?

Evil, sinful thoughts draw out all forces from the soul, suck out vital energy

The wasp stings, the mosquito drinks blood, and evil, sinful thoughts draw out all forces from the soul, suck out vital energy. After a storm of evil thoughts, you will certainly come out exhausted. But you’re not only hurting yourself. A person accustomed to nourishing evil thoughts is like a hive of wild wasps. They buzz and hurt anyone who gets close. Their poison is useless, poisons, and causes acute pain.

It turns out that our worst enemies are our evil thoughts. If your thoughts stink and rot inside you, how can you not feel bad? But you feel bad from yourself. Why do you always think that someone else is to blame for your troubles? “How long will evil thoughts nest in you?” (Jer. 4:14).


The truth is bitter, but you need to know it.

Do not hold back the wind with open hands, do not stop the formidable gusts of the storm by your desire alone. So just the power of your mind alone will not hold back the wind of thoughts. They obey the Humble One, Who said: “Shut up, stop.” “And the wind ceased, and there was a great silence” (Mark 4:39). And in order for it to be so in our life, we must sail with Him in the same boat, complete the course of life as He asks, and humbly ask Him: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” There is deep wisdom in the text of the Gospel. From pride, which had once invaded the world, storms and evil elements arose, but now the Humble One appeared – and everything obeyed Him.

One brother asked Abba Pimen the Great how to deal with rebellious thoughts. The elder answered:

“This deed is like a person holding fire in his left hand and a bowl of water in his right. If a fire flames, then it takes water from the bowl and extinguishes the fire. Fire is the suggestions of the enemy, and water is fervent prayer before God. “

Prayer is the same thought, only addressed to God

Who gave a man a mind – to Him and turn your mind. Who has planted a mind in you – raise your mind’s eye to Him. For you cannot clear your mind on your own.

Lightning, flashing in the east, is visible even to the west. And the ray of the rising Sun in the blink of an eye illuminates the face of the earth. So a kind, pure thought is able to illuminate our life. For there is nothing faster than thought. Prayer is the same thought, only directed to God.

Do we really think that prayer is bowing without thought and feeling, like a soulless action of the body? Is prayer really a mechanical sign of the cross, without feeling and meaning, like a conditioned reflex? Is prayer really a text in itself, without a clear content for us? – No! Prayer is a thought that soars to Heaven, pure to the Purest. Prayer is a warm sighing of the heart, with a thought alive and light.

Here is Moses and the people, they dared to the exodus. Ahead is the Red Sea, waves are beating against the shore. And behind – the chosen chariots, the fury of the Egyptians is immeasurable, their mood is decisive. The Israelites are desperate: “Aren’t there tombs in Egypt that you brought us to die in the wilderness?” (Ex. 14:11). Moses tries to calm the people down. And then God Himself turns to Moses: “Why are you crying to Me?” (Ex. 14:15). But Moses did not open his mouth, the air was not filled with loud prayer. His heart screamed, and his thought ascended to the Almighty like a fragrant incense. And a miracle happened – the sea parted, the people passed like dry land. Intelligent prayer, filled with a deep heartfelt feeling, was accepted by God – and the usual for the laws of the earth was transformed into the unusual, for it took something from the laws of Heaven.

Nature obeys not so much the laws of physics as the Creator of nature, who established these laws

The world changes where the mind of a person through prayer ascends to union with God. “Elijah was a man like us, and he prayed with prayer that there would be no rain: and there was no rain on the earth for three years and six months. And he prayed again: and the sky gave rain, and the earth brought forth its fruit ”(James 5: 17-18). Nature obeys not so much the laws of physics as the Creator of nature, Who established the laws of physics. But how will you ask God for rains or lack of rain, if there are thunders and lightnings inside yourself? How will the world around us change if the world inside us does not change? And therefore, the meaning of prayer is that first of all our own minds are transformed.


Silence reigns in thoughts from the most unexpected reasons. For example, you felt pity for someone, in a difficult moment you helped from your heart – and your soul felt better. He helped another, but acquired it himself. Even your thoughts have become calmer, for peace has reigned in your heart. That is, the silence of the mind suddenly and unexpectedly comes from mercy. And therefore, an unmerciful person, no matter how much he prays, will not acquire either purity of mind or silence of heart.

The world is also born from forgiveness – when you stopped holding evil on the offender. This experience is inexplicable and inexplicable rationally. It is impossible to convince someone to forgive if his heart is resolutely against it. But unforgiveness is enmity. And where there is enmity, there is a storm of thoughts. Forgiveness is the sacrament of the transformation of a soul from a hating, punishing, revengeful soul into a loving, merciful, pitying soul. Where the Kingdom of goodness is, the thoughts of evil do not tyrannize. Forgiveness brings peace.

But the most effective weapon is humility. It is mysterious and sometimes seems elusive. It’s even more difficult to explain. Humility is inexplicable – just as the Lord Himself is inexplicable, shining with the light of humility. But those who acquired it, learned from the Meek and Meek, and took His yoke upon themselves, they find peace (see Matthew 11:29). Saint Ignatius told about himself how, as soon as he entered the monastery, he underwent obedience in the refectory. Once he put the dish on the last table, at which the simple novices were sitting, and mentally said: “Take from me, servants of God, this wretched service.” At the same time, he suddenly felt in his heart a gracious consolation, which did not leave him for about a month. Humility is the door of God’s grace, and grace heals the soul as a fragrant, healing myrrh.

Pure thought brings us back to pure childhood. At the dawn of our years, we perceive the world in a completely different way – the picture of the world is fresh, saturated with bright colors, full of the breath of life. We seem to see the world in its pristine beauty and innocence, we partly come into contact with the paradise vision. But the happiness of childhood is not in the absence of problems and worries. Childhood happiness lies in pure and innocent thoughts. There is no adult dirt experience. The child looks with a clear eye at the world as a kingdom of joy. And therefore, he who has purified his mind looks at the world through the eyes of childish wonder and childish joy.

The thought is not restrained in those who are not restrained in life.


Saint Nicholas of Serbia once said:

“If you can help a person – help, if you cannot help – pray, if you do not know how to pray – think well of the person! And this will already be a help, because bright thoughts are also a weapon. “

If you want to do something good for people – have good thoughts about them.

So, if you want to do something good for people – have good thoughts about them. A good thought is a good beginning. A good attitude is born from a kind thought. A kind word will be born from a kind thought. And a deed cannot be kind if your thoughts are not kind.

A doctor, undertaking to heal with evil thoughts, will certainly hurt someone. A teacher who starts a lesson with evil thoughts will turn into a monster. A policeman or a military man – it’s scary to even imagine what their evil thoughts will turn into. A builder and a seller, a driver and an engineer, a representative of any profession – depending on his thoughts, he either creates or destroys.

Good thoughts – and good life. Thoughts are evil – and life is evil. A handsome person is a person with beautiful thoughts. A kind person is a person with good thoughts. As well as the one who nurtures evil, ugly thoughts, is evil and ugly himself.

One of the saints said: “Think about the good, so as not to think about the bad, because the mind does not tolerate being in idleness.” This truth was conveyed to us by the Monk Ephraim the Syrian, relying on what the saints said before him. The mind is never idle. If you do not give him a good occupation, he will slip into an evil deed. If you do not sow good seeds in it, tares will sprout. Fill your mind with a prayer to the King of Paradise, so that hell does not rule within you while still here.

But what then? If thought is purified, will you become happy? No! The heart will inevitably be filled with pain. If you are like an Angel in life, you will still experience suffering here on earth. Someone else’s pain will not give you rest. And the filthiness of the sins of this world will cause you grief. But something will change inside you. The universe of your soul will be transformed – and this is already a lot! Everything is interconnected here. One’s sin affects all. But the righteousness of one becomes the hope of others.

Metropolitan Athanasius of Limassol recalled how, while still a very young novice, he, together with others, visited Elder Paisius the Holy Mountain. They asked a question that worried them. The elder answered in the simplest words. But what happened at the same time was remembered for a lifetime. During the simple but kind-hearted words of the elder, everything literally smelled around – rocks, stones, trees, the air itself. Everything was filled with a wonderful fragrance (it did not last long, while the elder gave them an answer, and then he shut himself up in his cell). Such a sign was given because the soul of Elder Paisius was fragrant with the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Morning dew refreshes the face of the earth, and the pure prayers of pure souls bring life to the whole world. For the sake of these prayers, cities stand, kindness and love are still held in the world, and for the sake of the same prayers people have not yet destroyed each other.

The gospel helps us think about many things. When the mental eye is clear, then your whole body is light. And if there is not a single dark part in you, then your whole nature becomes light, as if a lamp illuminated you with radiance (cf. Luke 11: 34–36). “Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father” (Matthew 13:43). For in their thoughts, in their minds and hearts, the Kingdom of God is still shining here.

Small can be great, insignificant – significant. And our eternal destiny can be decided by what we do not attach much importance to. But a tree grows from a small seed. Look what seeds you sow every day.

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