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Why do dogs tilt their heads to the side when communicating with their owners

Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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The habit of dogs to tilt their heads is not just touching …

The habit of dogs tilting their heads to the side when communicating with their owners is undoubtedly touching.

However, scientists from the University of Budapest, Hungary, have found that it also has practical significance, according to the school’s website.

The authors of the study analyzed the behavior of 40 dogs, while their owners introduced them to new toys and asked them to bring the new object.

It turned out that the dogs, which tilt their heads to the side, absorb the material faster and better and execute the commands accordingly.

The researchers concluded that tilting the dog’s head showed interest in what the owner was saying. The researchers explain that at the same time, the animal’s brain is looking for appropriate associations to visualize the image.

Dogs are the only animals, apart from humans, that can recognize emotions. It only takes them a second to look at you and immediately know if you are happy, sad or angry. They are even able to empathize with people, experiencing the same emotions as their master.

When dogs come in contact with humans or other dogs, oxytocin or the love hormone is released into their brains. This is the same process that takes place in a person’s brain when he hugs someone or kisses someone.

Dogs can memorize hundreds of words. An average dog can be trained as easily as a human baby. The dog is also able to memorize 200 to 500 words. That is why people say that the dog speaks a certain language, such as English, and it will be difficult for him if he finds himself in another environment, such as Russian-speaking. In addition, dogs can learn the basics of math, for example, learn to count or arrange numbers in ascending or descending order.

The dog’s fingerprint is as unique as our fingerprints. Dog nose prints are unique, so they are sometimes used to identify animals, just as human fingerprints are used to identify them. Forensic scientists often use this trait to uncover crimes involving dogs and their owners.

The sound of rain damages the dog’s ears. Dogs do not like to go outside when it is raining, not because they are afraid of getting wet, but because the noise of the rain can adversely affect their sensitive ears.

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