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At a popular resort, Russian tourists got into a mess: mass executions begin in the country

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CEC Governing Board endorses call for peace with justice in Ukraine

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A warning for tourists currently in Sri Lanka, a popular in Russia resort in the Indian Ocean, was published by the Russian Foreign Ministry. The department stressed that the political situation in the country is tense to the limit, and law enforcement officers were ordered to shoot to kill, tourprom.ru reports.

Recall that the reason for the mass protests was an acute shortage of food, as well as fuel and gas. Protests quickly took on a mass character – including rioters setting fire to the houses of government officials. For example, they set fire to the house of Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, who had previously resigned. According to official figures, 8 people died and at least 230 were injured. The authorities of Sri Lanka on the eve ordered to shoot protesters without warning.

In this regard, the Russian Foreign Ministry recommended that Russian tourists in Sri Lanka not leave their hotels. “Despite the fact that there are no rallies in the resorts of the island, a difficult situation remains in the state,” the warning says.

“Russian tourists are strongly advised not to leave their places of residence until the curfew is lifted. Travel to the airport is possible with a passport and an air ticket, which must be presented at the request of the police at checkpoints, ”the Russian Foreign Ministry added.

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