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Davos Forum: Global Solidarity Fund presents assistance plans – Vatican News

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From Sunday 22 May to Tuesday 24 May Catholic religious men and women will discuss leadership and social inclusion in the global arena. Discussions are taking place at the international meeting of the Global Solidarity Fund in Switzerland of which the Catholic Church is a member, bringing together representatives of all fields.

By Mario Galgano, Vatican City

The great shift in Europe’s security and defense policy and the global impact of war on energy and food supplies are dominating discussions at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos. The international alliance at the Global Solidarity Fund (GSF) has invited leading representatives of the Catholic community to participate in the World Economic Forum, which begins Sunday 22 May in Switzerland. They will discuss the world’s most pressing problems together with leaders from the private, nonprofit and public sectors.

Presentations and roundtables

During the presentations, proven strategies for social inclusion of the most vulnerable will be presented and lessons learned will be shared. This is to ensure that a global recovery benefits all people in all fields, the GSF alliance has underscored in a statement. A panel discussion on “courageous leadership” will be held on Monday 23 May and job creation for migrants and refugees will be discussed on Tuesday 24 May. The two initiatives are part of the Davos “Goal 17” partnership and represent the culmination of the GSF’s participation in Davos.

The Global Solidarity Fund is considered a unique alliance of its own kind. Inspired by Pope Francis’ grand vision, it promotes partnerships for the most vulnerable by bringing together private and development sectors, as well as Catholic communities. It focuses on the empowerment of the most vulnerable, in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and its goals are in line with the mission, values and social teachings of the Catholic Church.

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