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Thursday, May 26, 2022

New Zealand imposes new sanctions against Russia

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The New Zealand government has imposed new sanctions against Russia for its aggression against Ukraine.

New Zealand Foreign Minister Nanaya Mahuta announced new anti-Russian sanctions against disinformation and cyber attacks on Ukraine.

This is stated on the New Zealand government website.

“President Putin’s propaganda machine is in full swing, spreading false information to justify Russia’s illegal invasion. Today’s announcement reflects our total rejection of Putin’s narrative and his attempts to mislead the international community,” Makhuta said.

The sanctions will affect eight people and organizations involved in Putin’s disinformation campaign, as well as cyber attacks on Ukraine. They build on New Zealand’s previous sanctions against propagandists and expand the list to include the so-called

“troll farm”, a representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense and others.

Nanaya Makhuta stressed that along with Russia’s military intervention, Putin is using the digital space as a weapon in his war against Ukraine.

Recall that earlier New Zealand has already imposed sanctions against Russia. The sanctions list includes 18 financial institutions of the Russian Federation, in particular, the Central Bank of Russia and the National Welfare Fund.

Photo: Nanaya Mahuta/Getty Images

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