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Women in Turkmenistan – banned manicures, jeans …

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Plastic surgery is also outlawed

Turkmenistan has imposed a series of bans on women in the country, including manicures, plastic surgery and decorative surgery, and banned abortions.

Ladies are also not allowed to wear “tight” clothes, dye their hair, lengthen their nails or wear eyelashes, as it is forbidden to enlarge the breasts.

The bans in recent weeks have caused many women in the country to lose their jobs, allegedly because of breast implants or enlarged lips.

In Ashgabat and other Turkmen cities, police detained women with false eyelashes and nails and took them to police stations. There, they were forced to “get rid” of their eyelashes or nails, and were fined $ 140.

In Ashgabat, at least 20 flight attendants have been fired in recent weeks for alleged Botox use and lip augmentation. About 50 employees of the national railway operator have lost their jobs due to breast implants and lip augmentation, sources said.

As a result of restrictive measures, dozens of beauty salons across the country have ceased operations after receiving a warning from police to ban “unauthorized” procedures and customer services.

The new rules include a ban on wearing blue jeans and any other tight-fitting clothing. Wearing wide long dresses is allowed.

However, law enforcement officials are empowered to oblige women to wear “wrong clothes.” The police took pictures of the violators, drew up a report and forced them to pay a fine.

It is also forbidden to wear white wedding dresses.

Authorities have banned women from riding in cars with unrelated men. Police officers stopped cars with passengers and demanded evidence that the woman was related to the driver. Women are not allowed to sit in the front seat next to the driver.

An abortion ban was also introduced in April this year. Human rights groups note that Turkmenistan allows abortion until the 5th week of pregnancy, while in other countries it is until the 12th week.

However, the government promulgated the law, which was passed in 2015 without public discussion. This law prohibits abortion, as most women in the fifth week of pregnancy do not even know they are pregnant.

Women in the country are considering holding mass protests.

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