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That is why goose and quail eggs are healthier

Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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All eggs have high nutritional value. They are recommended for inclusion in a number of diets. It turns out that some types of eggs are good for certain diseases. Among the most popular types of eggs, the Chinese edition of Sohu, quoting a Chinese doctor, ranks geese and quails. They are rich in protein and provide the necessary energy, and also help with many diseases.

Goose eggs:

Consumption of goose eggs can clear the lungs and eliminate fever. They are rich in nutrients, rich in protein and calcium. At the same time, these eggs contain a lot of iron, which helps those who suffer from anemia.

Quail eggs:

Switching to the consumption of quail eggs helps to lower blood lipids, improves brain function and has a good effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. People with many diseases can use quail eggs rich in lecithin instead of ordinary chicken eggs.

Here are the good reasons why you should choose to eat these eggs:

· Protein. The protein content in eggs is about 13 g per 100 g and the consumption of these types of eggs is good for the body. · Fat content. At the same quality, the fat content of duck or goose eggs is the highest and the fat content of quail eggs is relatively low.

· Vitamins. The content of vitamin D in eggs can reach about 80%. Studies show that the content of vitamin B12 in quail eggs is relatively high, and the rest do not differ much.

· Minerals. The mineral content of quail and goose eggs provides the body with the necessary calcium and iron. To summarize, these types of eggs are equally useful, and which one to choose depends on your own taste, as their nutrients are very high and the difference is not very large. However, there are some points where they differ and it is best to take them into account. Of course, the price of goose and quail eggs is significantly higher than that of hens, but when it comes to health, a compromise can be made. They can also be an addition to hen’s eggs. This way, the difference in their price will not be so noticeable.

Let’s not forget that we have to buy them from licensed farms.

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