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AfricaLiberia: McGill denies corruption charges and Weah will open investigation

Liberia: McGill denies corruption charges and Weah will open investigation

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Following US Sanctions on Three Liberian Government Officials, State Minister McGill says he is innocent and welcomes President Weah fight against corruption.

According to a letter published in other news outlets, the Minister of State for Presidential affairs, Hon Nathaniel McGill has denied corruption allegations after he was sanctioned by the United States U.S. Treasury Department along with two senior government Officials for allegedly engaging in “corruption including the misappropriation of state assets, taking private assets for personal gain, or bribery”.

In a letter addressed to the President of Liberia, Minister McGill commended President George M. Weah for the “decision taken” to suspend him and two other senior officials as it demonstrates his unwavering fight against corruption.

The Minister further called on the President to set up an investigative committee with the assistant of foreign partners (The European Union, Africa Union and ECOWAS) as well as other competent Authorities to probe into the grave allegations levied against him by the U.S Department of Treasury to be afforded the opportunity to have his “day in court” as in keeping with the principle of due process, mentioning that he has “great faith in the American system and believe I will be given an opportunity for a review process”.

As per the sanctions, “all property and interests in property of the three officials that are in the United States must be blocked and reported to Treasury, while people who engage in transactions with the officials may be subject to sanctions themselves, the statement said”.

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