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No brakes due to skid steers: Aeroflot pilots advised to brake with engine to protect pads

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Pilots of planes in Russia’s Aeroflot were given verbal instructions not to use the plane’s brakes when stopping, so as not to waste the pads. Crews at S7 Airlines, Ural Airlines, Rossiya, Pobeda also received similar instructions, reported the Russian site Newz.ru. The problem is that the wheel covers of the aircraft are imported and cannot be delivered under the conditions of sanctions against Russia.

The wear of the pads would result in a long-term grounding of the Russian civil aviation. When landing and taxiing on the runway, the “pilots” will have to use the engines to stop and slow down.

“If the pilots are more relaxed to stop with the help of the engines, this is not prohibited because it does not affect the safety of the flight,” Viktor Gorbachev, general director of the Association of Civil Aviation “Airport” stated in a conversation with the Telegram channel Radiotochka NSN ” and a member of the Public Council at Rostransnadzor.

“Perhaps the pilots will reduce the speed with the help of reverse, although it is used for landing, otherwise they will blow the pads at a landing speed of 250-300 kilometers per hour. It is impossible to slow down such a colossus with the pads – they will be blown off. If with the help of the engine they are more relaxed in this regard, it is not prohibited. It does not affect safety, they are on Earth. The same is in road transport. When you leave, you can reduce with the foot brake or with the engine – take away the gas. This is something absolutely normal,” said Gorbachev.

The aviation expert also explained that using the engine during landing can actually help reduce wear and tear on aircraft parts. “When the engine stops, there will be additional fuel consumption, but it is ours, and the pads are not ours,” noted Gorbachev.

Photo Sergey Bulkin/NEWS.ru

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