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The War against Ukraine Is a Holy Jihad

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Jan Leonid Bornstein
Jan Leonid Bornstein
Jan Leonid Bornstein is investigative reporter for The European Times

From July 30 to August 2, in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia, was held the 8th Congress of the World Congress of the Tatars. Led by Tatarstan authorities, all supporters of Putin’s leadership, the Congress did not take into account the voices of the Crimean Tatars, deported and persecuted by the Russian authorities in the Ukrainian peninsula. At the end of the Congress, a statement was published, despite a few dissident voices were heard: “We, the delegates of the congress, express our approval of the actions of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to protect people in Donbass, restore peaceful life, demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.”

For those who still think that “denazification” has anything to do with getting the rid of real Nazis, we recall the interpretation of one of Putin’s favorite ideologists Alexander Dugin: “One of the two main goals of the special operation is “denazification” (the other is demilitarization). This means that Russia will not stop until it abolishes the model of the nation and the nation-state that the Ukrainian nationalists built with the support of the West. It would be logical to assume that after the completion of the operation, the situation will return to the state in which the ethno-sociological system of Ukraine was before the beginning of its statehood. This means that the basic vector will be a new cycle of integration of Great Russians and Little Russians into one people.” (source)

Not surprisingly, Chief Mufti Of Russia Talgat Tadzhuddin was a special guest at the event. But who is Tadzhuddin?

He is the one who in April 30, announced that a fatwa had been issued by Central Muslim Spiritual Directorate in Russia, to make fighting alongside Russian forces in Ukraine an obligation for Muslims, a “holy Jihad”, and to make those dying in doing so “martyrs”.

He is the one who, on the occasion of the Eid al-Adha holiday in July, said that “Nazi” Ukrainians should be killed “like parasites with pesticides”.

Talgat Tadzhuddin is also the one who, like Patriarch Kirill before him, justified the war by the need to fight against the “gay agenda” of the West: “representatives of sexual minorities can do whatever they want, only at home or somewhere in a secluded place in the dark. If they still go out into the street, then they should only be flogged. All normal people would do it. (…) gay people have no rights… To be gay is a crime against God. The Prophet Muhammad ordered the killing of homosexuals.”

We knew about the metaphysical war preached by Kirill during his sermons, now we know about another angle of the Russian war against Ukraine: it’s a holy Jihad. At least for Pro-Putin Islamic leaders like Talgat Tadzhuddin and the Central Muslim Spiritual Directorate in Russia, who managed throughout the years to get the rid of all other (non-aligned with the Kremlin) Muslims in the Country.

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