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HealthIs cat fur dangerous to humans?

Is cat fur dangerous to humans?

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Cat fur generally does not harm humans, but some owners may be sensitive to purring animals and suffer from allergies. Although there is a perception that people are allergic to cat fur, this is not entirely the case.

The sources of allergens that cause some people to suffer from the proximity of a cat are the saliva and urine rather than the fur of the cat.

When meowing animals wash themselves by licking their fur, they can spread particles of hair at home, which are called dander. Because cat dander spreads absolutely everywhere, humans can be sensitive to it, but it is generally not the cause of an allergy in itself. The cat got it off her fur after licking herself to clean her fur. So she spread allergens from her saliva on it, as a result of which – many people can start to sneeze.

To reduce the spread of cat dander at home, you should brush the fur of the meowing pet regularly. This, along with regular house cleaning, can help desensitize your pampered pet.

Safe control of cat hair and dander

You may not like it when your cat sheds fur on your sofa or you find cat hair on your favorite sweater, but as we said – cat hair itself is not a health risk.

Dander is flakes on the cat’s skin

Whether you have a long-haired or a short-haired cat, there is no way to stop shedding. However, you can significantly reduce its shedding and spread throughout the home by brushing it. Regular grooming of a cat’s fur should ideally happen on a daily basis, although this depends on the season and the type of fur that the pet friend has.

Bathing at regular intervals can also greatly alleviate the situation if your home is covered in cat fur. Nutrition is just as important, as quality food is not only important to the health of your meowing friend, but is also a factor in keeping his coat healthy, shiny and beautiful.

How to confirm your allergy to cats?

Allergies that people suffer from have different dimensions. Some people may sneeze or feel itchy eyes in the presence of a cat. More severe symptoms may include wheezing. These reactions can occur if a sensitive person enters a room where a cat has been, even if the cat is not present.

Allergies and sensitivities can be difficult to determine because most people are exposed to multiple possible allergens at once. The best way to confirm a suspected cat allergy is to see a doctor for an allergy test.

Reducing exposure to cat hair

There are several ways to reduce exposure to cat dander and make your home more comfortable for someone sensitive to cats. If you are the one with allergies, delegate the bathing and brushing of the cat to someone else. Home hygiene is also a very important factor. Regular cleaning of surfaces to remove cat dander will greatly relieve your symptoms.

Don’t forget to wash your hands regularly, and as an additional measure, experts recommend keeping the purring pet out of the bedroom.

Although it can be a challenge, confining the cat to one part of the house can provide the most relief for someone who is allergic to cats. Placing the litter box near a window, frequent airing, hand washing and house cleaning can greatly help you live with a purring pet. However – if your allergy is severe and your life seems to be becoming complicated and even dangerous – you may want to consider whether it is okay to continue living with your furry pet and whether to find another loving home. As difficult as this decision is, it is important for your health.

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