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A “Brand New Start” with Mono Clones

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Bro O'Sullivan
Bro O'Sullivan
Bro O'Sullivan is a music journalist who loves music. That might sound obvious but it's not. Critics are sometimes not lovers. All reviews he writes for The European Times are about discoveries he loved, or at least liked, and to which he wants you to give a chance listening.

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The last song which was released by Mono Clones is “Brand New Start”.

If you like good rock bands with a classical rock approach but with a definitely modern sounding, I may have something for you today. Except that this band has something special and weird: it’s made of clones of Bruno Rocha, the heart and soul (and hands) of the project.

Mono Clones is indeed a musical project that was born during the lockdown period of Covid 19, when all of us had to reinvent ourselves and our activities to survive the weird times of isolation. As the master of clones puts it himself: “Lisbon based, Bruno and his gang of clones started this project in 2020. Pushed into isolation by the lockdown, he embraced the challenge of learning every aspect of the music production process, from the blank page to the final mix, the mastering and everything in between, like midi programming, sampling, sound layering… the result of cloning himself into a multitasking machine is a set of modern rock songs with a dash of retro flavours, independently released as singles since March 2022. (No clones were harmed in the making of these songs).”

maxresdefault 1024x576 - A "Brand New Start" with Mono Clones
A "Brand New Start" with Mono Clones

Bruno Rocha (master of clones as I call him) is not new to the scene. He has a rock band called Box in Belgium, one with no clones, I mean.

The last song which was released by Mono Clones is “Brand New Start”. It talks about a guy who has regrets about having ditched his girlfriend and can’t help but going to places where they used to hang out in hope to find her only to see her with a guy just like him. Well yes, the guy is quite respectful and not a macho. Times change!

Honestly, Mono Clones is a good project as it has a constant sound in the range of what we call indie-rock, with the usual saturated guitars and more modern sounds adding to it. It’s well produced and has a real added value in terms of good track with good lyrics and efficient production. But what I really dig in Mono Clones and particularly in “Brand New Start” is the singer’s voice. It’s sharp, clear, with a rich timber and it has rhythm as well as melodic beauty in it. It’s that kind of voices that have enough confidence to let you know that what is said is meant. And that makes the difference. 

Of course, you have in fact several voices on that track. But they are clone voices. And it works. Actually, the advantage of these clones, is that they know each other so well, that it’s like each of them knows what the others think and then there is a super cohesion in the song. It’s efficient and good modern rock. And I guess you should give it a listen without further delay:

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And of course, you can find the song on O’Sullivan’s playlist New Rock Gems:

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