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Friday, December 2, 2022

Begging and prostitution are no longer a crime in Bulgaria

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The Constitutional Court of Bulgaria accepted the request of the chief prosecutor and canceled a text in the Criminal Code, the first edition of which was from 1975.

 Begging and prostitution are no longer a crime after in the end of September the Constitutional Court annulled the text of the Penal Code that refers to these two money-making activities. With regard to begging, the ten constitutional judges were of one opinion, and with regard to the immoral way of obtaining income, Yanaki Stoilov had a dissenting opinion.

The request for cancellation was made by the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev. The text of the Criminal Code states that “an adult capable of working, who does not engage in community service for a long time, receiving non-labor income in an illegal or immoral way, shall be punished with imprisonment for up to two years or with probation”, and “who systematically engages in begging, shall be punished with probation for a term of up to two years”.

In his request, the chief prosecutor indicated that “perceiving work as an obligation and the only source of income is a function of the totalitarian state, while “in the present Constitution, the sources of legal income of citizens can be very different, including non-labor ones.

He was that the evaluation of the moral side should not have any relation to the criminal law protection of the relevant public relations.

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