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“For Uber, there must finally be more rules than just road traffic regulations!”

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BRUSSELS / BERLIN / DÜSSELSDORF. Yesterday afternoon (25.10.2022), the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs of the European Parliament held a public hearing in Brussels on Uber, lobbying practices and worker’s rights.

Whistleblower Mark McGann (former head of public relations at Uber) and EU Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, Nicolas Schmit, joined the committee hearing. Afterwards, the EPP Social Policy Spokesman and North-Rhine Westphalia MEP, Dennis Radtke, made the following statement:

Dennis Radtke MdEP Quer300x - "For Uber, there must finally be more rules than just road traffic regulations!”

“The disclosures made by the whistleblower are underlining one more time the means Uber is using in order to try to construe laws in their favour. Currently, we are witnessing this also with regard to the work on the Platform Work Directive. This, however, must not impress us. We have to focus on how Uber sometimes tramples on the rights of drivers. We therefore really need a directive that will effectively protect workers and ensures fair competition. Every taxi entrepreneur has to follow rules, while for Uber, the only rules that seem to apply are road traffic regulations.”

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