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Pope Francis: The refusal to accept migrants is scandalous and disgusting

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Pope Francis yesterday defended the migrants, calling the refusal to accept them “scandalous, disgusting and sinful”, Reuters reported, cited by BTA. The position of the holy father is in sharp contrast to that of the newly elected right-wing coalition that will take over the government of Italy later this month.

Francis commented on the subject during the canonization of a bishop who lived in the 19th century, who is known as the “father of migrants”, as well as an Italian who, in the first half of the last century, took care of the sick in Argentina.

The ceremony was held in front of 50,000 people in St. Peter’s Square.

“The refusal to accept migrants is something scandalous. In fact, the social exclusion of migrants is a criminal act, because of which they are dying before our eyes,” said Francis.

“In this way, today the Mediterranean has become the biggest cemetery in the world,” continued the holy father, referring to the thousands of illegal migrants who have drowned trying to reach Europe.

“The exclusion of migrants is disgusting, it is sinful. It is criminal not to open your doors to people in need,” the pontiff also said.

Giorgia Meloni, leader of Italy’s far-right Italian Brothers party, which won the most votes in parliamentary elections, is expected to head the new government later this month. Meloni has promised to take measures to limit migration and to tighten border controls. In addition, the far-right politician intends to speed up the repatriation of illegal migrants and introduce stricter rules on the granting of asylum. She also called for a naval blockade of North Africa, as well as new restrictions on NGO rescue ships.

Photo: Pope Francis / Reuters

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