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Salty fines from October 1 in Greece for all drivers who do not have…chains

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After last winter’s snowstorm “Elpida”, which buried hundreds of cars on the highway to Athens, it is mandatory to equip all categories of cars with chains

All cars driving on the territory of Greece must be equipped with chains from October to May. This is necessary because of climate changes, reports BNR, referring to local media.

After the snowstorm “Elpida” last winter, which buried hundreds of cars on the highway to Athens, mandatory equipment of all categories of cars with chains is introduced.

Chains are optional for cars with special winter tires. In case of violation, the fine is 80 euros.

The Deputy Minister of Transport, Michalis Papadopoulos, said that a mandatory study of safe driving in winter conditions is being introduced for the candidate drivers.

The order is valid for the entire road network of Greece from October to April inclusive.

The decision of the Ministry of Transport is from the beginning of the year, but it comes into force on October 1, the media reports remind.

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