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The Archbishop of Athens, Jerome, presented the collection “Women in the Shadow of Violence”

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“Various manifestations of psychological and physical violence against women are considered absolutely unacceptable and condemnable by Holy Scripture, our church tradition, and Christian morality in general. This is because it is impossible for violence to coexist with love, since in violence lies malice, selfishness, the shadow of death, and in love – the light of heaven, humility, joy and the peace of God”, declared the Archbishop of Athens Jerome in his speech at the presentation of the collection Women in the Shadow of Violence. Pastoral responsibility and the perspective of religions.

The event took place in the meeting hall of Holy Synod of the Church of Greece and it was broadcast live on the Internet.

In his welcome, Archbishop Jerome said that this book is the fruit of the work of the first ever conference of Holy Synod of the Greek Church, organized especially for the metropolises in Thrace. It was organized jointly with the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs in 2018 in Alexandroupoli. It was attended by more than a hundred people, Christians and Muslims, who presented the attitude of the two monotheistic religions to this great social problem. They have discussed the ways that religious thinking offers to deal with domestic violence, and not only with it.

 “A person who uses violence against his neighbor is not motivated by the love and freedom of God, but by hatred, a desire to exploit others and impunity. Therefore, let us contribute with all our strength to the effective opposition to violence, which is a shame for culture, dehumanizes the person, removes respect and dignity and ultimately fights against life itself”, the archbishop concluded his speech.

The Greek Church perceives efforts to prevent domestic violence against women and children as fundamental in its pastoral work and has numerous initiatives on this issue. Maintains a hotline for information, awareness and referral for such incidents. Information materials are published, catechist training seminars, workshops and scientific conferences are held with the participation of specialists from various fields – law enforcement, lawyers, social workers, psychologists, clergy.

Source and photos: Orthodoxia.info [https://orthodoxia.info/news/ieronymos-aparadekta-katadikast/].

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