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Ukraine: Zelensky claimed night “powerful” advances of his army

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Tuesday Volodymyr Zelensky claimed night “powerful” advances of his army in southern Ukraine. “Dozens of localities have been liberated this week alone” in the four regions annexed late last week by Russia.

Putin’s army is retreating about 30 kilometers in Ukraine. On symbolic images, we see Ukrainian soldiers, with blue and yellow flag of their country in hand, taking control of various localities, both in the Donbass and further south, near Kherson. These scenes have been repeated in recent days and especially in recent hours. This morning, eight more villages in southern Ukraine woke up under the blue and yellow flag.

Even the Russian General Staff recognizes a very clear retreat of its soldiers. In maps presented on Tuesday they confirmed the advance of Kiev in the key Ukrainian regions of Kharkiv (northeast) and Kherson (south). In particular, the map of the Kharkiv region shows that the Russians have left almost the entire eastern bank of the Oskil River, the last area of the region they still control.

The Russian army has not announced a withdrawal and the Russian occupation authorities in southern Ukraine have called for “no panic” despite this series of setbacks.

Kharkiv and the Kiev region targeted

According to The Kyiv Independent, the mayor of Kharkiv, Ihor Terekhov, reported that parts of the northeastern city were targeted by Russian missiles in the middle of the night. According to the same source, Kyiv Oblast Governor Oleksiy Kuleba said on Wednesday morning that Russian forces targeted the town of Bila Tserkva with kamikaze drones and that a building caught fire and one person was injured in the attack. The city, located 80 kilometers south of Kiev, has a population of 200,000.

To continue the support of the United States, Joe Biden announced in a new U.S. shipment of military equipment, for a total value of 625 million dollars.

More than 200,000 people mobilized in the Russian army since the announcement of a “partial” mobilization on September 21.

According to the ISW, Ukrainian sources have rightly observed that the partial mobilization is not a major threat in the short term because the Ukrainian counteroffensive is moving faster than the mobilization can generate effects. Ukrainian Intelligence Chief Kyrylo Budanov even stated that mobilization in Russia is a “gift” to Ukraine because the Kremlin is finding itself in a “dead end,” caught between its failures and its determination to hold what it has seized.

The controversies surrounding the poorly executed partial mobilization, coupled with significant Russian defeats in Kharkiv Oblast and around Lyman, have intensified infighting between pro-Putin Russian nationalist factions and are creating new fractures among voices who speak to Putin’s core constituencies.

"On NTV, Kommersant's columnist Maxim Yusin directly criticizes Putin, who "included" territories that the Russian Federation does not control into the Russian Federation: "I do not remember such a precedent in world history." And he calls "dreamers" those who want to "liberate" Zaporozhye." (Tweet translation)

Zelensky thanks Biden for “continued military support”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Joe Biden for the “continued military and financial support” of the United States in the face of the Russian invasion during a telephone conversation, after the announcement by Washington of a new shipment of weapons to Kiev.

During this conversation, Joe Biden announced a new American shipment of military equipment including four new systems of rocket launchers Himars, very appreciated by the Ukrainians, said earlier in the day the U.S. authorities.

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