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Bang & Olufsen Theater – exquisite cinema-like sound

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

The success of the soundbar in home theater systems is no accident. Its elegance, versatility and support for the latest sound formats are the easiest way to get cinema sound without investing in a lot of speakers and thinking about how to place and connect them.

The legendary Danish brand Bang & Olufsen also decided to enter with an offer in this market segment and of course, it does it in its own unique way with the Beosound Theater product. It’s a solid soundbar that raises the sound level to that of the best TV screens on the market.

Unique appearance

For B&O fans, the Beosound Theater’s lavish appearance comes as no surprise, and is just as befits a high-end product. Its design “floats” like a boat in space, and the wood and aluminum used with a special shape and without gluing are an example of master craftsmanship that will please any aesthete. The textile surface can be selected and subsequently replaced, further extending the life of the soundbar.

Even if you decide to replace the TV with a larger one, the soundbar will easily adapt to the new size, thanks to the retractable “wings” of the construction. So it will also remain perfectly integrated and hide all the cables in its back.

Unrepeatable sound construction and technologies

It may not be apparent at first glance, but the Beosound Theater has as many as 12 built-in speakers, incl. two 6.5-inch woofers, with a total power of 800 watts, which can create quite serious sound pressure (up to 112 dB).

Speech clarity is entrusted to a center channel of its own design, where the tweeter is mounted directly in front of the midrange. The alignment of these speakers ensures better sound distribution, which enhances the quality audio experience for everyone in the room.

Building on the Beam Width and Beam Direction Control technologies, Beosound Theater offers a new three-dimensional soundscape as a result of the patented combination of direct, side and upward speakers. This means that the speakers work together not only to produce sound, but also to control the width and direction of the sound field. The aim is to reduce the effect of wall reflections relative to the listening position. In Beosound Theatre, the technology allows the sound to be directed away from the listener, which increases the perception of space and gives a much more immersive experience.

In addition, Beosound Theater comes with a new bass control system that is unlike anything before. While other systems send the low sounds to the most powerful speaker – usually the subwoofer – Beosound Theater uses all the Bang & Olufsen speakers in the system and they work as one. This not only maximizes the potential of the entire configuration, but helps control room resonances and ensures that the various speakers work in concert rather than in opposition.

With seven built-in outputs and support for up to 16 external speakers, the soundbar can be the heart of a full Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 surround setup.

Modern but also compatible

Beosound Theater comes with Bang & Olufsen’s new configuration technology called Roomsense. By placing an external microphone in the listening position, Beosound Theater works with the Bang & Olufsen App to measure the distance from the listener to the soundbar. In addition, it will determine the role of each speaker depending on the different placements, take care of sound compensation if it is placed freely, on a wall or in a corner, as well as the overall correction for the specific room to avoid unwanted resonances .

Beosound Theater not only honors previous Bang & Olufsen products with their timeless design language, but comes with Bang & Olufsen’s own software platform called “Mozart”. It continues the legacy of compatible connections and ensures that the soundbar can connect seamlessly with products dating back as far as 1986, allowing for the creation of a home audio configuration with different generations of products.

Beosound Theater is available in a premium wood or textile finish.

Photo: Bang & Olufsen Theatre.

Source: Bang & Olufsen.

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