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Bulgarian reality: the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor’s Office do not return money to robbed Ukrainian refugees

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Robbery at the central station in the city of Plovdiv – an elderly family of Ukrainians who fled from the Donbass because of the war in Ukraine was robbed, and in total they lost about BGN 20,000 (10,000 EURO) during the theft. A report was made to the police and after 2 days the thief (a woman) was caught – according to security camera recordings. The personal belongings of the Ukrainians were returned, but not the money – they were kept as “physical evidence” by the police. The Ukrainians claimed to Nova TV that the money was not returned to them because they had not specified the exact amount. These are all our savings – we are afraid that they will not return them to us, they said, and explained that the money are in envelopes with notes – in hryvnias, dollars and euros.

The prosecutor’s office in Plovdiv admitted that this is why they withheld the money – “further investigative actions” were needed to prove that this money belonged to the Ukrainians.

The Women for a World Without War Foundation said this money “are the only source of life for these people”. The police and the prosecutor’s office should take it into account.

Source: BGNES

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