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Children from North Macedonia and Bulgaria met Tsar Simeon of Saxe-Coburg in Sofia

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Children from North Macedonia and Bulgaria met with Simeon of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in the Vrana Palace last week, the “Bulgarian Memory” Foundation informs.

The children’s visit was part of their 5-day stay in Koprivshtitsa and Sofia.

The last king of Bulgaria congratulated the children and wished them to always be united and friendly towards each other. His Majesty Simeon of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha also received a special souvenir gift from the group – a painting depicting architecture from the city of Bitola.

Simeon II also congratulated the organizers from the Bulgarian Memory Foundation for the launch of the social information campaign “On Both Sides of the Border”.

The initiative aims to direct public attention to the need for a committed state policy in the direction of good neighborliness and friendship between Bulgaria and North Macedonia and to show that the time for diplomacy, cohesion and friendship between the brotherly countries has long come for the sake of the bright future of the young generation, in the name of common history, roots and culture.

After the meeting with Simeon of Saxe-Coburg, the young people visited the palace, the greenhouses and the park, and at the end of their visit they laid a wreath on the grave of Tsar Boris III on behalf of the Bulgarian Memory Foundation, the foundation adds.

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