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Half of the world’s population eats it, but does not suspect all its qualities

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Rice is a staple food for half of our planet’s population.

It was cultivated thousands of years ago in China, but the largest producer worldwide is India.

It was brought to Europe in the 7th century by the Moors during the conquest of Spain. The Spanish popularized it among the local population of their American colonies at the beginning of the 17th century.

During the Crusades, it was also imported into France.

8 The beneficial properties of rice:

Rice contains B vitamins, important for the nervous system.

It contains important amino acids that help the formation of new cells.

Rice is good for the lungs. It has a good effect on the stomach and cleanses the intestines.

It helps the rapid treatment of angina, flu and pneumonia.

It is recommended for kidney diseases.

Rice restores the biochemical balance in the human body.

It contains magnesium, which lowers blood pressure.

One serving of rice contains 120 calories and almost no fat.

In Asia, rice is also used as a raw material for the production of beer, alcohol, and its medicinal properties are highly valued.

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