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The Russian Federation has been treating homosexuality with methods from 1950’s, “relevant” to this day

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We have heard about the impressive Orthodox traditions of Russia and their church. We have heard of the last bastion of normality as well as the horde of priests who often forget exactly what their position is and what their responsibility is to God. We remember that a priest must primarily care for his brothers and live in deprivation, but isn’t it deprivation to live in the older model limousines from the German automobile industry? The Orthodox Russian fights against everything that the decadent West brings.

The Russian Federation has repeatedly expressed its “warm attitude” against different types of sexuality, the division of the sexes and any other complex words that may appear in the dictionary. The protection of the Christian family is their primordial goal, and in many moments it becomes something like a second Stalingrad. To be different in Russia, especially if you do not have the blessing of the first in the state, is to be hated.

Gays, just like serial killers, cannot exist in the former USSR, this is western propaganda. He offers his editor-in-chief another story to include this gender minority, who is repeatedly harassed and often his very life is at great risk.

It is known that in Russia lives the so-called Good gang, which is engaged in the search for gays on Grindr and Hornet, and after arranging a meeting and visiting their home, a whole punitive but good brigade comes to express its position of strength and then to begin with the extortions and robberies. Interestingly, most gangs at the time were very keen to kick all homosexuality out of Russia.

Interestingly, this is still the country that can offer an answer to any problem, in many ways we will talk about tea or other interesting elements of the Mendeleian table, but Vadim is interested in those people who have tried to heal their gender attitude. The police also help, especially if there are attempts at a gay parade in Moscow. In such interesting initiatives, tough heterosexual love and Christian value will be felt in the form of a baton, detention in custody, additional gags and many other surprises.

Vadim also admits another very special practice – hatred towards others is cultivated extremely well. Even as a student, he remembers explaining exactly how much he hated gays. He then shunned all streets known to have such clubs, and the word gay and its derivative was used as an offensive epithet.

Anyone with long hair is considered gay, anyone with slightly different mannerisms will cross the other shore. Vadim himself remembers that the description of Zhdanov is tragic – he describes him as a lonely loser. Homophobia is simply brought up, and if someone decides that they have the right to love or reveal their feelings in public, those around them sharply take this as a pure threat. There have been so many humiliations over the years that it would be difficult to accurately classify them.

State television even reported that the organs of gay people cannot be transplanted and are better burned and buried, as if it were a vampire that would come out and descend, infecting gayness and others around it. Patriarch Kirill is also in on the whole game, especially since he claims that homosexuality is simply the loss of morality.

Many would try anything to forget the shame and attitude of the doctors who literally messed with them, but the method itself also deserves attention. First of all, we will find that hypnosis was used, which helped to create a sexual-psychological vacuum – where homosexual men stopped being interested in other men and focused directly on women.

In of one of the clinics, clips of patients who had recovered were constantly playing. Added to the psychiatric care were high doses of caffeine and apomorphine, a drug used to induce vomiting. Such was injected into the patient while he was watching gay porn videos. The official version is that no drugs were ever provided to the patients.

In the second phase of treatment, the patient will be required to increase his attraction to women, and this includes viewing heterosexual porn. For homework, the patient is required to write in a notebook about all the beautiful women he saw on the street. In the final phase, the patient is required to have sex with a woman and then describe the entire experience to the doctor. This is the modern medical procedure for treating homosexuality in Russia. It is most likely practiced until now, although we are sure that fewer and fewer people are ready to seek such help.

It is obvious that the Russian Federation not only does not know how to take the idea of ​​different sexual orientation – we are not sure if it should be called different, alternative or other orientation, but it does not matter at all, the important thing is that the bad west cannot poison the harsh and pragmatic east. So how do such clinics continue to exist to treat something that the World Health Organization has written off as a disease?

Photo: Moscow Pride 2008.

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