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Unprecedented scale of demonstrations in China against “zero Covid

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On Sunday 27 November and again on Monday night, there were demonstrations in several Chinese cities following the deadly fire in Urumqi (in the province of Xinjiang) linked to the “zero Covid” policy, as the emergency services were unable to arrive in time.

The Chinese authorities assure this Monday that their “fight against the Covid-19 would be a success”, while a movement of anger of great magnitude of Chinese exasperated by the sanitary restrictions and demanding more freedom. By its extent on the territory, this mobilization seems the most important since the pro-democracy riots of 1989.

On Sunday, crowds of protesters, responding to calls on social networks, took to the streets in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan, catching the police off guard. In Beijing the demonstrators shouted: “we don’t need a Covid test, we need freedom”. Many of them brandished a blank sheet of paper, symbolizing, as in Russia, the impossibility of expressing oneself and one’s anger for years.

Demonstrations also took place in Guangzhou, Chengdu and Hong Kong. On Monday morning, a police presence was visible in Beijing and Shanghai, near the sites of the previous day’s rallies, and the number of arrests made over the weekend has yet to be announced.

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on Monday called on Chinese authorities not to “arbitrarily detain” peaceful protesters and “to respond to demonstrations in accordance with international human rights laws and standards.”

The situation is getting out of control tonight at the Zhengzhou iPhone factory in China. Workers are revolting against the strict restrictions*

Nearly 6 million people are again confined in the city of Zhengzhou since Friday. On Wednesday, November 23, at the nearby Foxconn iPhone factory, workers revolted against the pay conditions and health restrictions imposed since October in an almost prison-like environment.

This Monday, the Chinese iPhone factory is offering $1800 to workers who agree to stay in an attempt to retain its workforce. The employees are still more numerous to leave the largest manufacture of iPhone in the world in recent days. l, the group will pay a bonus of $ 1,800 to workers who agree to stay in place.

China is one of the only countries in the world still applying a “zero Covid” policy, with strict confinements and almost daily PCR tests of the population. to have access to public space

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