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Monthly Archives: December, 2022

Scientists Uncover a Gut-Brain Connection for Social Development

Illustration portrays the microbial makeup of human beings. According to recent studies on zebrafish, gut microbes play a role in the process of pruning...

Modified Gravity Emerges as Leading Explanation for Dark Matter Following New Galaxy Rotation Measurements

Dark matter is a fundamental component of the standard cosmological model, but its mysteries remain unsolved. One of the biggest puzzles is the...

ECHR new decision: Why French Miviludes is in trouble

For more than two decades, the French governmental “anti-cult” agency Miviludes (acronym for French Inter-ministerial mission for monitoring and combating cultic deviances) has been...

Arab region registers world’s highest unemployment rate, UN survey finds

According to the latest UN survey, released on Friday, the Arab region registered a 12 per cent unemployment rate in 2022, the highest in the world.

Warning: New Research Indicates That Even Short-Term Exposure to a High-Fat Diet Can Trigger Pain

The study found that a high-fat diet can provoke pain sensitivity even in the absence of obesity and diabetes. A recent study of mice...

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