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AI-Generated stock photography is hilarious and disruptive at the same time

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StockPhotography.ai goes live with over 2 million unique AI-Generated stock photos for free.

FORT LEE, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2022 – StockPhotography.ai and Redmond.ai team up to create one of the most unique, hilarious, and disturbing experiments of all time. Constructed in just a few weeks, StockPhotography.ai shows us the power of AI and how it can transform art and photography as we know it.

elephants playing - AI-Generated stock photography is hilarious and disruptive at the same time
AI generated watercolor painting of Elephants and children.

Need a watercolor illustration of Elephants playing? Want a photograph of the Jan 6th riots? Looking for the perfect image of a young Muslim woman halfway buried in the beach using a laptop? AI has you covered. Using the resources at Redmond.ai, StockPhotography.ai created over 2 million images in just a matter of weeks using state-of-the-art AI image generation technology. The results range from breathtaking to horrifying. What should be a simple photo of a young woman eating french fries turns into a woman whose fingers literally turn into french fries as she smiles and eats them.

greta - AI-Generated stock photography is hilarious and disruptive at the same time
AI Generated image of Greta Thunberg at a rally.

In another photo, Greta Thunberg has an uncanny resemblance to a middle-aged man. Robin Graham of StockPhotography.ai explains, “We didn’t want to curate the results or hide the nonsense. What we are looking at is a peek into the unfiltered ‘mind’ of AI and how it sees our world “. “StockPhotography.ai is a conversation about the power and limitations of current AI, a hilarious and awe-inspiring show of how far we have come” says Robin. Redmond.ai was able to use its cluster of A100 supercomputers to generate up to 1000 images a minute in full resolution. “We stopped at around 2.2 million images, but nothing is holding us back from making millions more within a few days”.

StockPhotography.ai is an experiment created with tools and compute from Redmond.ai. Redmond.ai is a startup hosting provider specializing in AI workloads for large enterprises as well as single AI researchers or hobbyists. Redmond.ai is working with multiple companies to develop their own dedicated AI infrastructure; a public offering for anyone to use is coming early 2023 at Redmond.ai.

StockPhotography.ai can be reached at [email protected]
Redmond.ai can be contacted at [email protected] or by calling +1 201-212-6868

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