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Google created an online hub for Ukrainian culture

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The war in Ukraine brings a lot of damage to the entire country, including its cultural institutions such as museums, libraries, galleries, etc. In an effort to save as much of Ukraine’s culture as possible, Google has announced that it is starting to maintain a digital archive.

The project is called “Ukraine is here” and will be implemented in partnership with several organizations, as well as Ukrainian museums, churches, galleries. The goal is to digitize and preserve as much of the country’s history and culture as possible.

The collection will contain virtual tours of museums, theaters, national parks and historical landmarks. There will also be virtual picture galleries, 360-degree virtual tours and 3D building models. Added to this will be Google Street View footage that was collected before the war.

Buildings and places that have been designated by UNESCO as part of the world cultural heritage have also been added. According to the organization, so far such buildings have not suffered from the war, reports CNET.

The online archive now has over 1,800 images from more than 10 cultural institutions and over 40 3D models. More material will be added regularly in a variety of formats, as well as specially created publications that describe the sights and historical facts.

“Our culture is not only ours. It is part of the history of the entire civilized world. When one country loses its culture, the whole world loses,” says Ukraine‘s First Lady Olena Zelenska, who also supports the project.

Users can view the materials both through the site and through the free Google Arts & Culture app, which is available for Android and iOS. It also includes the other cultural projects and initiatives of the Internet giant.

The aim is to preserve as many works as possible.

Source: Thinkstock/Gulliver

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