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An Erdogan museum to be erected in Istanbul

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They will present his life and political activity

A museum of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is planned to be opened in Istanbul in the near future, in which the life and political activities of the president will be presented, Turkish media reports.

The museum will be located in Istanbul’s Kasampaşa district in the Golden Horn region, where the Turkish president spent his childhood and youth before entering politics. Special attention will also be paid to his passion for football.

Fragments of Erdoğan’s international political career will take center stage in the museum. The video wall will show his appearances in front of various international forums with famous expressions that have become cult quotes, such as “One minute” /with which he apostrophized the former Israeli president Shimon Peres in Davos/ or “The world is bigger than five” – an appeal of Erdoğan to the permanent members of the UN Security Council to share their power with Turkey and other countries, the information site T 24 reports.

It will also be possible to see memorable fragments of Erdogan’s more than 20 years of activity – from mayor of Istanbul, through prison for quoting a poem, to his rise as the founder and leader of the Justice and Development Party, prime minister and first president of Turkey. who is elected by direct vote of the people. He is again the only presidential candidate of the Republican Alliance in the upcoming elections.

The exposition also includes members of the Turkish president’s family, mainly his wife Emine Erdogan, presenting her personal appearances in different countries – speeches, international meetings, social engagements.

According to the approved project, the museum will exhibit photos, videos, there will be special effects for projection on the walls and outside the building, projection and hologram techniques.

The exhibit also highlights Erdogan’s relationship with the leader of the Prosperity Party, the late Nejmettin Erbakan, Turkey’s first Islamist prime minister in the 1990s, who was his mentor in politics. Their relationship ended after Erdogan founded the Justice and Development Party with Abdullah Gul and Bülent Aranc.

A separate place in the project is devoted to the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque by presidential decree published in the State Gazette on July 10, 2020 under number 31181. The hologram of the mosque is also planned to be in a separate hall, the Yeni Chag newspaper points out.

The architecture of the museum building has Seljuk-Ottoman motifs. It has several floors, is located in a large park in the area where the Sultan’s shipyard was located in 1455. Each new sultan added new installations and basins used in the construction of the warships of the Ottoman fleet.

The grand opening of the museum is planned to take place before the elections, as Nahide Deniz reports for BTA.

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