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Book – Order of Nehor & The Brotherhood historical novel set in 82 BCE in Guatemala

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The latest book Order of Nehor & The Brotherhood by Thompson a.k.a. S.J. Kootz, a captivating historical novel set in 82 BCE in Guatemala.

During the rise of a remarkably sophisticated civilization in Mesoamerica. Here, exacting mathematicians, expert astronomers, and, most significantly, the distinguished priesthood elite influenced the building of magnificent ornate cities and complex governance.

Miraculously spared from a vicious attack on her father’s caravan, Raasah desperately longs to understand why she alone survived. In her search for answers, she becomes increasingly aware of the suffering and injustice around her – finding herself immersed in the growing evil that has permeated the very fabric of her beloved city of Ammonihah.

Amid covert combinations of intrigue and tyranny, Raasah finds solace and aid from three unlikely comrades – an unconventional healer, a pious carpenter, and a forlorn orphan.

Order of Nehor & the Brotherhood shares a fascinating tale of greed and betrayal, as a lone massacre survivor discovers a devastating truth that both saves and condemns her.

Kootz’s research into the architecture, customs etc. drew us right into that era of time

Though the pandemic halted her promotions in the public till just this past year, now that the world has reopened, Thompson has been travelling and introducing her book and her knowledge of the ancient Mayan civilization wherever she can get an audience using slideshow presentations.

Thompson has always been drawn to the study of ancient civilizations, but has been especially intrigued regarding this mysterious people that abandoned their prosperous impressive pyramidal cities and disappeared.

For more than seven years, Thompson researched and visited Mayan sites in Central America and was overjoyed when the Mayan hieroglyphics were finally deciphered adding so much more information on this remarkable, but relatively unknown civilization.

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